Invictus – more than just a movie

The movie Invictus is about coming together as one country. Play on the same team. Mr. Nelson Mandela was a man of great dignity, compassion and courage. Mandela managed to make people come together and respect one another despite their skin color. Now, Mandela is no longer with us, but he will be in our memories for a long time. He will be remembered as the man he was & his accomplishments.


The movie is about the Rugby World Cup in 1995, the year after Mandela was elected to become the new president of South Africa. Mandela enlists the rugby team on a mission to win the World Cup.


It’s no easy task to bring a whole country together, especially not South Africa. South Africa is a country that’s been under the apartheid regime and that’s experienced serious oppression. Thankfully, it’s much better today – much thanks to Nelson Mandela.


One thing I find interesting is how Mandela could forgive the “people” who put him in jail for 27 years. Another is that he used just four years to become the president after he’d been released from prison. Lastly, how he managed to lead a whole country that’d been under apartheid & oppression to victory. The victory is more than just a victory in terms of a trophy; it’s a symbol. Bringing people together and make their differences disappear.


Sport does really make people’s differences disappear. And this movie shows that perfectly. How people who basically hate each other come together and cheer for the same team – it’s amazing!


Sadly, Nelson Mandela is no longer with us. He will however stay in the memory of countless people as a reminder to be kind and accept differences.


4 thoughts on “Invictus – more than just a movie

  1. Ann S. Michaelsen Reply

    Nice post about the movie and the importance Mandela played in both the history of South Africa and also the rest of the world!

  2. Stein, Selma, Marit and Henrik Reply

    This post reflects well on how Mandela wanted to unify South Africa. Very well reflected, and you have mentioned many good points. The language is good, but the vocabulary could be slightly more varied. Well done!

  3. Supreme leader Reply

    Good structure. The blog-post is also well written. Maybe you could have included mentioning the actors, as well as some distinctive features in the film

  4. internationalenglish Reply

    -Solid points!
    -Thourough reflections!
    -Well organized!
    -Gives a good impression of the film!

    -Should’ve explained how the rugby team connected the South-Africans as a nation.
    -It also seems like the reader needs to know about Mandelas work and I would like to know a bit more about the plot of the film.

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