The big question, does social media makes us more social?

Today we went to Youngstorget. We listened & participated on NRK P2’s radio show called Ekko. The theme that was discussed today was if social media makes us more social(?). It was a great 25-minute discussion, and they come up with some good points regarding the question at hand. And you guessed it! I’m going to write about that and write about some of my own points.


I’ll start with the big question; does social media makes us more social? It’s a difficult question, as they brought up on the show you’re social in another way. But if it makes us more social… Define social… I think we have more interactions with other people now than we did before, we can shoot them a quick message and they’ll respond within a short period of time. Albeit we don’t have a lot more really good friends, we have a broader network of people we can ask if we need anything.


Social media gives us a platform to interact with the people we know (and the people we don’t know). Some people argues that social media is replacing human interactions, e.g. face-to-face situations. While I agree I think it’s important to remember that people still meet friends to “hang out”, but maybe less than before.


Personally I think it’s great. I can send a message to a friend and get an instant response. I don’t recommend building a relationship on the interwebs but if you are friends or someone is unreachable in real life due to distance I think it’s fully acceptable to build a relationship online. The doubters are probably not aware of the possibilities that are available in the sky. I understand people who want to use the offline world, but the truth is that almost everything happens online these days.


I don’t think there’s an answer to the question. For some social media will make them more social – they’ll interact with their friends a lot more, and they’ll find other people to connect with. However, for others social media could make their lives less social. If their friends are on the book of Face and they aren’t that could be a problem. Another aspect is the age of the person. Young people have been born into the world of computers and online solutions, while older people don’t really have any deep ties with the online world. Not to generalise, but it’s true for a lot of people.


What do you think? Are you more social because you have social media? And how do you define being social? Let me know in the comments below!


And as always, thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “The big question, does social media makes us more social?

  1. Ann S. Michaelsen Reply

    The answer will have to be yes. I would not have been invited to different countries in the world had it not been for social media. We like to say that we get to know a lot of educators in Norway and the rest of the world via the net, but when we meet in person we really connect. This would not have been possible without the net. As long as you take time to visit family and best friends too you should be safe!

  2. DManning Reply

    There’s a question in the PopSavvy game – “Is social media making us less social?”. 78% of Under-30s answered YES (Feb. 2014). Yet I wonder if your question was asked, “Is social media making us MORE social?”, would there be an equally positive response? Social media connects families and friends who are far apart in a way that sustains social relationships. As you point out – it also takes people out of the room, ignoring things right in front of them just to check the text. Like most things, social media isn’t really inherently anything. It is what we make it to be.

    1. HaakonHoelB Reply

      Thanks for your response and insight! The question should be asked differently as you say: “Is social media making us MORE social?”.

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