Swift – Apple’s new programming language

During the past year, Apple has been hard at work with their new programming language: Swift. Swift is fresh and beautiful. It is only a year old, Apple's old programming language; Objective-C has been the “go-to” programming language for Mac and iOS developers for about 30 years. Despite being new, Swift is already a 2.0 product and it’s being used quite a lot, although it has yet to take over as the main programming language for the Apple hardware platform. Currently Apple is pushing Read more[...]

Become the MacGyver of your phone with these 5 apps

We all have some kind of relationship with MacGyver, some love him, some hate him. What we cannot argue about is that he often have some clever solutions to get out of awkward situations, to get things done faster and do things that may seem impossible.  Here are 5 applications for you to become the MacGyver of your phone: Drafts Developed by Agile Tortoise, Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. It focuses on getting things down quickly and take action right there or leave the note for Read more[...]

Final year – final exam

This week I had my final written exam in English. I just want to give it up to the people over at Grammarly.com for their help. My school received a subscription for the service to use during my english exam. It helped a lot! Grammarly is an application that checks, you guessed it, grammar. I found it useful to find small errors. I highly recommend it! Take it for a test-ride and see for yourself! Thanks to the people at Grammarly. Read more[...]

My first impression of Carthage – book by Joyce Carol Oates

My assignment for today is to write my first impressions about the book Carthage, a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Oates has been writing since the 1960s. She debuted in 1963 and has managed to make quite the list of releases! Carthage was released in 2014, meaning that her career as an author has been quite long! Carthage's outline is simple: Last seen in the back of the car of Brett Kincaid, 19-year-old Cressida Mayfield hasn't returned home. What happened to her, however, is not simple! Brett, Read more[...]

On Election Day!

Today is election day and today our task is to write a little about the election that is taking place in the UK today. Emilie and I made a radio show on this topic, you can find it here. Today the people of the UK is voting for a new Prime Minister. In fact there are in theory 650 mini-elections happening today since each of the 650 parliamentary constituencies vote for one representative each to sit in the House of Commons.  The composition of the House of Commons and who will become the next Read more[...]

The movie PRIDE

Before watching, the movie research and write about the following topics on your blog: The Miner strike, Margaret Thatcher and gay rights in the UK during the 1980’s This week we will be watching the movie PRIDE. The assignment we got before watching it is to write about the following topics: The Miner strike, Margaret Thatcher and gay rights in the UK during the 1980’s. The Miner Strike: The UK Miner Strike was an industrial action affecting the British coal industry. The strike, which Read more[...]

Modern Slavery In The US

United States imprisons more black people than the apartheid regime. Despite only counting for a total of 13% of the US population one in three people arrested for possession of drugs are black. Why is that ratio so different? Marlon Peterson, PR-director at The Frontier Society, says that today’s prison is the natural continuation of the Jim-Crow laws which in turn was a continuation of the slavery. The Jim-Crow laws were laws that enforced racial segregation. Today’s modern slavery comes in Read more[...]

NRA – Necessary with regulation?

Franklin D. Roosevelt launched what has been called the New Deal after the Great Depression in order to get the American economy going again. As a part of the "First New Deal" The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), founded on grounds of New Deal the NRA which stands for National Recovery Administration. NRA's main goal was to eliminate "cut-throat-competition" which is the practice where competitors use predatory pricing (pricing with loss) to eliminate existing competition. Outlined Read more[...]

Responsibilities of the House of Commons

The House of Commons has a big responsibility towards the British people. They debate different situations that has risen and that requires actions. Another important responsibility of the House of Commons is to legislate and act on bills proposed. Bills are proposed by the government, MPs, organizations or individuals. It is the responsibility of the House of Commons to approve or disapprove new laws. They form the laws together with different parties one of these is the House of Lords. Another Read more[...]

Lions for Lambs

This week's assignment is to answer the following four questions after watching the movie "Lions for Lambs". 1. Lions for Lambs is a 2007 American drama film about the connection between a platoon of United States soldiers in Afghanistan, a U.S. senator, a reporter, and a California college professor. Explain how they are connected and what the soldiers are doing in Afghanistan? First of all the US senator is connected with the platoon of US soldiers in the way that he has some kind degree Read more[...]